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Offline Explorer Enterprise Portable 中文绿色便携注册版是一款相当方便使用的离线浏览工具,也可以说Offline Explorer Enterprise是一款网站整站下载工具。可排定抓取时间、设定Proxy,也可选择抓取的项目及大小,可自设下载的存放位置、及存放的空间 限制。它内置浏览程序、可直接浏览或是使用自己喜欢的浏览器来浏览、且更可直接以全浏览窗切换来作网上浏览,另它对于抓取的网站更有MAP的提供、可更清 楚整个网站的连结及目录结构。

Offline Explorer Enterprise可以用来作为离线浏览器,它可以无限量的下载您所喜欢的网站到本地离线浏览,其中包括HTTP和FTP站点。

Offline Explorer Enterprise功能特色:

Save Time, Aggravation and Connection Charges

With its ability to download up to 500 files simultaneously, Offline Explorer Pro lets you quickly and easily move Internet data to your hard drive, where you can browse at your leisure much faster than when connected. And you can download during off-peak hours. The files are always available to you, so there`s no down time.

Offline Browser: Be Portable

Offline Explorer Pro lets you take the web site with you when you travel with your laptop computer. When the flight attendants ask everybody to disconnect from the Internet, you still have your web sites on your hard drive. Even if the online content moves or changes, your files are still intact. You can even save streaming audio and video files to your hard disk, and play them back at the highest quality. And Offline Explorer Pro`s powerful export feature allows you to share and transfer files, or burn them to CD in normal or Autorun mode. Best of all, the downloaded web sites can be viewed on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers.

Save Streaming Audio & Video for Viewing Offline

There are lots of audio and video streams available, but you can`t save them to your disk within your browser, Media Player or Real Player. Offline Explorer Pro can do this for you. Simply give it RTSP://, PNM://, NSV:// or MMS:// URL and watch the file from your hard disk. You can also download the file with the highest possible quality even on a slow modem Internet connection.

Monitor Web Sites

With Offline Explorer Pro`s powerful scheduling feature, you can automatically monitor web sites and download changed information. Schedule Manager gives you an easy, visual way to create your schedule using drag-and-drop.Offline Explorer Pro can dial the Internet when necessary, and hang up the connection, exit itself, or shut down the computer once all downloads are complete.

Update Your Web Site Locally

With Offline Explorer Pro, you can download an entire web site, edit it quickly on your hard drive, and load it back to the Internet.

Mine your Data

Offline Explorer Pro edition makes it easy to analyze and post-process (data mine) any downloaded web site. Offline Explorer Pro can pass downloaded web sites to the powerful TextPipe tool that will extract or change the desired data, or even pump it to a database.


See for yourself! You can evaluate a free, fully-functional copy of Offline Explorer Pro for 30 days. When you decide that you`d like to continue to use the program after the trial period, Offline Explorer Pro costs $149.95(US).

*** “Offline browser” software are programs that copy entire web sites (or portions thereof) onto a user’s hard drive, CD, DVD or other media. The downloaded Web site is a duplicate copy of the original Web site. Offline Browsers can be used to archive Web pages or entire Web sites, investigate the contents of those Web pages (datamine), or make offline presentation of those Web sites, among many other uses.



这个是国外大神制作的绿色便携版Portable Edition,高度绿色化,本身已经整合了注册信息,无需注册,没任何时间和功能限制,下载后直接执行OfflineExplorerPortable.exe即可。^_^




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