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Beauty Box是一款功能强大但却简单易用全新的专业级Adobe Photoshop皮肤美容磨皮滤镜插件,Beauty Box滤镜插件可以帮助你轻松去除皮肤上的皱褶和斑点等瑕疵,一秒钟就能让照片上的你年轻十岁。Beauty Box采用了最先进的人脸检测和 平滑算法,可以自动识别肤色,去除缺陷,留下重要的面部细节。尤其是在有许多照片都需要处理的情况下,Beauty Box滤镜插件可以极大的提升你的工作效率!

网上有Beauty Box v3.0.9中文汉化版,不过经本人测试,在win7 64bit下,汉化插件后,导致PS软件无法启动(闪退),删除插件后正常。故这里提供的只是Beauty Box英文版(含序列号),测试正常工作于 Photoshop CS6

Beauty Box插件特性

  • 快速、轻松地擦除皮肤瑕疵、年轻化你的肌肤

  • 保持重要的细节,如眼睛、牙齿和头发等的

The Next Generation of Skin Retouching

Apply Digital Makeup to your photos! Beauty Box Photo allows you to quickly and easily erase skin blemishes and wrinkles, even out skin tones, and reduce shine – achieving a consistently professional result. The plugin uses advanced skin smoothing techniques that enhance the work of photographers at all levels in Adobe Photoshop and Aperture.

Lose 10 years in 1 minute

Beauty Box Photo is the makeup artist you thought you couldn't afford. Our skin retouching plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Aperture is simple to use. This skin smoothing software saves hours of your production time while making your client look years younger. In addition, the 30+ new presets let's you apply different color styles and looks to your images. Let's see how the plugin works.

A simple & automatic workflow

  • Apply Beauty Box to your Photoshop layer or Aperture photo.

  • The Auto-Mask button will automatically run. Beauty Box looks at your photo and figures out where the skin tones are. The algorithm to do this is brand new and does a great job of accurately selecting skin tones.

  • Our Digital Makeup technology then applies very smart smoothing to just the skin ares, reducing imperfections while keeping the skin texture.

  • Click OK to render the automatic results back into Photoshop or Aperture.

In most cases, that's it. This fast, smart skin smoothing is especially important for photographers working under tight deadlines. Of course, Beauty Box has simple, smart tools for tweaking the effect or adding color styles to get the exact look you want. You can also use it as part of a batch process to retouch hundreds of photos an hour. This is great for labs processing thousands of photos that need a beauty pass but don't require complex retouching.

PS磨皮美容滤镜Beauty Box 安装使用方法:

1、安装时选择你的Photoshop安装程序插件目录(Plug-ins),启动后如果要求你注册,输入下面的Beauty Box 序列号



sn:Key: BBXM-1111146-3CEC





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